Exhibitions > Anna Hepler: Intricate Universe

"Several years ago, watching a swarm of gnats hovering against the sky, I was struck by the contradictory but beautiful effect: a delicate grey sphere suspended in the air and awesome chaos of frenetic movement." Hepler

Portland-based artist Anna Hepler creates sophisticated prints, drawings, and elaborate three-dimensional spatial constructs using simple materials. Over the past ten years her artistic obsession with patterns found in nature has taken on impressive proportions. She works in a variety of media around the central concept of the movement of particles suspended in space. Says Hepler, “perhaps these moments fascinate me because they reflect a psychological state of release that is captivating and challenging.” She aims to capture the dynamic essence of the forms expanding, condensing and dispersing.

ARREST:ARRAY, montserrat gallery installation view, 2009
Arrest Array
metal bars