Exhibitions > HUBweek Walls [2] 2018

Last Touch-Hubba, 2018 by Sophia Ainslie
"Last Touch-Hubba" by Sophia Ainslie

Sophia Ainslie is a South African-American abstract painter whose work exists somewhere between drawing and painting. She transforms her observations of the world around her into her own abstract visual language that celebrates color, relationships, movement, and space. Her imagery focuses on the connection between diagnostic imaging technologies and landscape, interior and exterior, and the microscopic and macroscopic.

She melds observation with imagination, resulting in a relationship of connections and disconnections between black mark-making and flat color, stillness of shape and active mark, movement and space. Actively pushing the formal aspects present in the work, she is interested in making the negative shapes prominent — creating spaces/places that look like something was once there, but is no longer.

Ainslie holds a teaching position at Northeastern University, maintains a studio in Somerville, and is represented by Gallery Naga, Boston.

To see more: www.sophiaainslie.com