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Ovation: Liz Nofziger and Heather Kaprow, Photo by Aram Boghosian
Ovation: Liz Nofziger and Heather Kaprow

“Ovation” is an interactive sound installation by conceptual artists Heather Kapplow and Liz Nofziger. At Fenway Park, visitors approach the piece by walking down a ramp that leads towards the ball field. As you are descending the ramp, bright lights come into view in the distance and a gradual swell of applause becomes audible. The sound continues to grow as you near the entrance to the field. As you step out onto the field you are suddenly washed in an overwhelming sea of bright warm lights and surrounded by roaring applause and cheering. You are adored!

Many of us live lives where we will never have the chance to experience what entertainers, politicians and athletes have the opportunity to experience on a regular basis. Adoration. For Ovation, Kapplow and Nofziger aim to create that experience for the average person. The piece will feature sounds recorded from a live music event that takes place in Boston a few days before Illuminus.