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America Now, installation view of title wall, Laura McPhee, "Quartered Rocky Mountain Elk, Milky Creek, White Cloud Mountains, Idaho," 2004from left to right: Shane Lavalette, Daniel Cheek and Laura MCPheeBen Huff, "The Last Road North" series, 2009Laura McPhee, “River of No Return” series depicts the Sawtooth Valley of central Idaho lavelette/cheeklavelettecheekhufftitle/straussstraussUntitled
America Now
Montserrat Gallery
February 5- April 10, 2010

America Now presents a selective visual commentary on regional identity within the context of the increased globalization of culture. America is seen through the eyes of six photographers: Daniel Cheek, Ben Huff, Shane Lavalette, Laura McPhee, Alec Soth and Zoe Strauss with work based in five regions of the US, including Alaska, the West, the Mid-West, the Northeast and the Southeast. Each artist conveys a specific sense of place in the form of a photo essay.

curated by Leonie Bradbury and Shana Dumont