Exhibitions > Ryan McGinness: Transgressive Beauty

Essay, Arkitip Magazine, 2009

Laced with countless pop culture references, lyrical lines, and colorful graphics, Ryan McGinness’ work provides a running commentary on contemporary American culture. A master at integrating graphic form with poetic content, the New York based artist continues to transform gallery spaces, magazine pages and the art world alike. Much has been said about the artist’s ability to bridge the gap between graphic design and fine art; McGinness, however, has not worked as a commercial graphic designer for many years and is fully situated in the upper echelons of the fine art world. Well versed in pictorial communication, his imagery has moved beyond its graphic design beginnings and come into its own with a unique, yet universal, communication system. McGinness is not afraid to experiment, and while redefining art world expectations and the various media he works in, he challenges both professional and personal boundaries. Rather than becoming formulaic and stale, he takes risks that generate excitement.

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