Exhibitions > The West is Now Closed: John Osorio-Buck 301 Gallery October 4 – 29, 2010

Known for creating and performing in ways that respond to adaptation, recreation and Americana, in The West is Now Closed, Osorio-Buck explores how Americans have and continue to identify with Westward migration.

The individuality of relocating from East to West, counteracts the rigidity of the industrialized, "cookie-cutter" aspects of our nation. By inserting objects into the gallery that could be found in the modern frontier lifestyle, the artist reignites our romanticim for travel, escape and the West.

Where once a horse and carriage may have been used, Osorio-Buck offers us a modern camper, frontier food is replaced by copius amounts of Cup-o-Noodles, a shipping container and a Porta Potty all in transforming the gallery into and off-the-grid, self-sufficient living shelter.