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Cornucopia: Documenting the Land of Plenty
Montserrat Gallery
November 8 – February 2, 2008

This exhibition provides a visually stimulating portrait of contemporary America’s obsession with acquiring consumer goods and some of the environmental and psychological consequences. It features large-scale photographic works by Xing Danwen, Chris Jordan, Brian Ulrich, JeongMee Yoon and a sculptural installation by Portia Munson.

Visually exploring the vast and the minute, each artist investigates the impact of the large amounts of "stuff" that we accumulate. Although alluring in terms of their beauty, the included imagery possesses a disturbing and dark undercurrent. There is indeed a message wrapped within the aesthetic. Once apparent, it may give viewers pause and prompt them to reconsider their role within this seemingly never-ending cycle of production, consumption, accumulation and discarding.