Exhibitions > For The Record: Searching for Objectivity in Global Conflict Montserrat Gallery August 22 - October 22, 2011 Curated by Montserrat Faculty Rob Roy, Gordon Arnold and Leonie Bradbury

Bombarded by information from a variety of sources, it is often difficult as observers of current affairs to fully make sense of the concepts and facts presented. Artists offer us the opportunity to engage and interpret this information in an alternative way. They were the first compelled to record and present the events of the world. Artists illustrate and record many aspects of war in a variety of ways, whether through genuine factual representation (witness accounts of war) through war reportage drawing and/or documentary work or as artistic interpretation (visual response to war). The artists in For The Record offer a testament of the effects of war and conflict on people, societies and the physical earth.

Featuring: Fiona Banner, Nina Berman, Matthew Ernst, Harun Farocki, Benjamin Lowy, Steve Mumford, James O'Neill, Gerhard Richter, Sophie Ristelhueber, and Rob Roy.