Exhibitions > Justin Brown Durand '05: Finding Fallen Stars

C. Schlosberg Alumni Gallery
February 13 – March 9, 2013

Always a prodigious studio artist, over the last 8 years Durand has yielded innumerable small drawings of multiple media and idiosyncratic styles. Comprised of a large and evolving cast of humanoid characters, the subjects of Durand's drawings live in non sensical world of exaggerated body and irrational physics. Romance, dreamlogic, absurdity and personal mythology inspire his images that are sometimes funny, sometimes disturbing.

Durand graduated from Montserrat College of Art in 2005 and has exhibited at Proximity Gallery (Cleveland), Front Gallery (Houston), Flying Object (Hadley, MA) and 17 Cox (Beverly, MA), as well as galleries and art spaces across the United States. Durand has sold more than 400 small drawings to people all over the world. He lives with his wife Ashley Brown Durand in North Hampton, MA where they live, work and sometimes collaborate together as artists.