Exhibitions > Matthew Ritchie April 28- June 18, 2016

Matthew Ritchie is an artist whose work ambitiously explores meta-topics such as art, science, and philosophy. These subjects are addressed in many visual forms including painting, drawing, performance, interactive media, video, and sculptural installations, yet all within a uniquely interconnected and recognizable visual language.

Through gesture, color, line and sound, Ritchie’s expansive, multi-dimensional art practice investigates and represents the universe and its many “known unknowns.” His generative practice not only to respond to knowledge, but more importantly is knowledge producing.

Information too can be added to the list of subjects explored in and through the work. It often takes the form of some type of schematic representation, or mapping, of dynamic systems. The diagram in particular plays a central role in much of Ritchie’s work, combining varying modes of information including image, site and text.

In the rapidly expanding and ever-changing digital information age, new ways of thinking about the relationship between time, space and culture need to be developed. The complex, networked relationships between information, objects, and images as presented by Matthew Ritchie practice describe these new conditions in terms of an embodied experience within contemporary art.