Exhibitions > John Preus The Beast: Herd Mentality Montserrat

Montserrat is partnering with Chicago-based artist John Preus to build a large-scale beast in Montserrat Gallery that will serve as as a community art space and a multidisciplinary platform for cultural activities. This temporary sculpture/performance pavilion will be a site for a wide range of cultural programs, including concerts, performances, academic talks, poetry readings, writing sessions, conversations, and much more.

In light of the political divisiveness and tragic news that pervades our everyday lives, The Beast, in the form of a bull, will offer a free, accessible space for people to come together to find common ground, particularly across differing ideologies or viewpoints.

Community members are invited to propose programming of their own and to use the space for gatherings like meetings, reading time, yoga practice, conversations across differences, and other endeavors.